When and How to Change Engine Oil

When and How to Change Engine Oil | Indianapolis, IN

It’s one of the most common and routine maintenance tasks you can perform on your vehicle: getting an oil change. Regular oil changes keep the engine performing well and help make it last in the long run. Here are some general tips on when and how to change your oil.

  • When should your engine oil be changed? Different vehicles having different oil change recommendations, from how often you should have it changed to what kind of oil you should use, so you should follow the recommendations listed in your car’s owner’s manual. The general recommendation used to be every 3,000-5,000 miles, but new innovations in engines and oil formulas may make it so your vehicle can go 7,500-10,000 miles between oil changes. If you drive infrequently, drive frequently in dusty conditions, or have other atypical driving habits, you may want to consult with your mechanic and customize your vehicle’s oil change schedule accordingly.
  • How do you change your engine oil? It’s possible to change the engine oil yourself rather than taking it into the shop, and many of us take it upon ourselves to do so. In brief, you should:
    • Gather all necessary supplies (replacement engine oil, oil filter, wrenches, etc.) and prepare your vehicle by putting it on ramps for better access.
    • Find the oil filter and drain plug, loosen the drain plug, drain the old oil into a drain pan, and tighten up the drain plug afterward.
    • Change the oil filter and add the new engine oil.
    • Check the oil level and make adjustments as necessary.


Contact us at Coast to Coast Imports if you need to schedule an oil change appointment. We’ll be happy to perform this service for you to keep your vehicle functioning smoothly and safely.

Should You Invest in a Used Luxury Car?

Audi Q3

When car shopping, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the biggest ones is likely whether you should invest in a used luxury car. To help make the decision easier, we’ve put together some points you should consider while making your decision.

  1. You will spend less and get more. Luxury cars are known for offering their owners top-notch comforts. It’s possible you might not be able to afford every feature you want on a brand-new car, though. A used luxury car will allow you to get everything on your “must have” list without spending more than your budget.
  2. The quality of the vehicle will likely remain high. With many Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles available out there, you can guarantee that your used luxury car will stay in peak condition, no matter what its age. If the used luxury vehicle you’re thinking of purchasing isn’t a CPO model, you can still have a professional do an inspection of the vehicle or receive a report showing the vehicle’s history.
  3. Your car will keep its value better. When you purchase a new car, it will lose 30% of its value within the first year. A used car will retain its value, which means you will get more money if you choose to sell it later on.

Stop by Coast to Coast Imports to peruse our inventory of used luxury vehicles. We’ll help you find the right ride to match your preferences and your budget.

When to Trade in Your Luxury Vehicle

When you choose to drive a luxury vehicle from Coast to Coast Imports, it’s because you want the highest quality transportation out there.

With that in mind, you might also be wondering when to trade in your luxury vehicle for the best return and the latest releases.

Here are three signs that it’s time to trade your luxury vehicle for your next luxury car.

Your Needs Have Changed

2017 Porsche Boxter S Exclusive

The only person who really knows your needs is you, so take an honest look at your vehicle and any recent changes in your lifestyle.

Do you have too much space in it? Too little? Not enough technology to keep you entertained? It’s natural for needs to change as life is filled with changes, so when it’s time for something different, it’s time to trade in your vehicle.

Your Mileage Is Increasing

Obviously, your car’s mileage will always be increasing, but there are certain points along the way that are better for trade-in than others. Lots of buyers feel hesitant to choose a used car with over 100,000 miles (even though today’s vehicle last much longer than that). For best trade-in results, you should say “goodbye” to your vehicle before then, or even before the mileage point when the warranty runs out.

Your Car Works Fine

If might seem counterintuitive to get rid of your vehicle when it’s still working. However, a car that’s in good condition will get a much better trade-in value, so sell before you have to explain its high repair costs.

If you want to trade in your current vehicle, contact us at Coast to Coast Imports and we can help make it happen.