Invest in a Modern Classic Car: A Once and Future Standard

2014 BMW 1 Series Coupe

Are you looking for a modern car that’s bound to become a future classic? There are a number of categories to consider when predicting which vehicles will beat the test of time, including styling, technology, and performance.

Quality, durable design, and premium engineering are three additional factors that will help ensure the model’s longevity. Here are a few of our top picks for modern classic cars.

Described as the “scrappiest runt of the litter” by Car and Driver editors, the BMW 1-Series M Coupe will likely be a classic because there has been a relatively limited production of this high-performance model (just 3,000 were made in 2011). The 1M—which is distinct from the M1—has a 335-horsepower twin-turbo engine, a stout exterior design, and a short wheelbase.

The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is next on our list. This model has a big engine and plenty of horsepower, and, with AMG tuning, it can easily dominate any track. This coupe is polished and fun, with a touch of refinement and substantial engine potency. Opt for a 2008 to 2015 model year, which will boast the desirable 6.2-liter naturally-aspirated engine that current models lack.

The Porsche Cayman R/Boxster Spyder is also destined to become a future classic. As part of the 987 platform, this track-ready model incorporates a rear wing and includes a powerful engine under the hood. This polished model is the epitome of Porsche design over the past decade.

For more insights about which classic cars to invest in now, contact us at Coast to Coast Imports and learn about our vehicle selection. We’ll be happy to share our expertise and help you decide on a classic car that will retain its value for years to come.

Location Spotlight: Fishers, Indiana

Coast to Coast Imports is proud to serve several communities throughout the Hoosier State, including Fishers, Indiana. The city is home to 76,794 residents, as of the 2010 census—which marks quite the explosion, as the town only claimed 350 residents back in 1963. Fishers, which was previously known as Fishers Station and originally as Fishers Switch, was founded back in 1872.

There is quite a bit to do in Fishers, Indiana—aside from test driving and purchasing your favorite luxury cars at Coast to Coast Imports. If it’s a nice day outside, spend the afternoon at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park or River Road Park and then relax with a beer at Sun King Tap Room & Small-Batch Brewery or Four Day Ray Brewing—or, if you’re brave, just try out the pedal-powered bike tavern called the Pint Cycle.

See what’s happening at the Symphony on the Prairie, which has played host to the likes of the Beach Boys and Frankie Valli, or just head down to the Nickel Plate District for dining, shopping, and walking. Need to feed your sweet tooth? Be sure to enjoy a scoop (or three) at Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt—or, for a healthier fix, grab some fresh fruit at the Fishers Farmers Market.

Contact us at Coast to Coast Imports for more sites to explore around town.

Should You Invest in a Used Luxury Car?

Audi Q3

When car shopping, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the biggest ones is likely whether you should invest in a used luxury car. To help make the decision easier, we’ve put together some points you should consider while making your decision.

  1. You will spend less and get more. Luxury cars are known for offering their owners top-notch comforts. It’s possible you might not be able to afford every feature you want on a brand-new car, though. A used luxury car will allow you to get everything on your “must have” list without spending more than your budget.
  2. The quality of the vehicle will likely remain high. With many Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles available out there, you can guarantee that your used luxury car will stay in peak condition, no matter what its age. If the used luxury vehicle you’re thinking of purchasing isn’t a CPO model, you can still have a professional do an inspection of the vehicle or receive a report showing the vehicle’s history.
  3. Your car will keep its value better. When you purchase a new car, it will lose 30% of its value within the first year. A used car will retain its value, which means you will get more money if you choose to sell it later on.

Stop by Coast to Coast Imports to peruse our inventory of used luxury vehicles. We’ll help you find the right ride to match your preferences and your budget.

Luxury Pickup Trucks Are on the Rise

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “luxury automobile”? Many people imagine a sleek and sexy sedan with a leather interior and all the latest gadgets. Car shoppers that have been watching the market more recently may also think of luxury SUVs—sporty yet refined vehicles that offer an ideal combination of adventure and style. However, few people think of luxury pickup trucks—a segment now on the rise.

Believe it or not, luxury trucks are growing rapidly as a segment. According to The News Wheel, luxury pickups are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the rise of vehicles like the GMC Sierra Denali, the Ram Limited Tungsten Edition, and the F-Series Super Duty Limited. While some of these trucks carry a price tag, they also come with incredible performance and sophistication.

2019 GMC Sierra Denali

“Everyone wants these loaded-out trucks,” says Sandor Piszar, the Truck Marketing Manager at Chevrolet. “They offer just about everything you can get in a luxury car — and they can haul and tow.”

In fact, Mercedes-Benz recently announced that it would introduce the X-Class truck, a powerful pickup that will likely make its way to the USA sometime in the near future.

Offering power, high-tech features, and refined interior designs, luxury trucks are certainly something we at Coast to Coast imports look forward to seeing more of in the future. For luxury vehicles of any segment, contact us to see what we have on our lot.

5 Celebrities Who Own Porsche Cars

Porsche 911 Turbo

If you’ve ever wanted to own a Porsche, you’re in good company. Some of the world’s most lovable stars have gotten behind the wheel of the brand, and not always in a brand-new model. Here are five celebrities who own Porsche cars.

Ellen DeGeneres

With an income in the multi-millions, is it really a surprise that talk show host Ellen DeGeneres owns a Porsche? She currently rolls out in a Porsche Targa 4S and Porsche 993. Plus, her wife is named Portia, so there’s that too.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is a well-known comedian who has a love for cars. At one point, he owned 47 Porsche vehicles. He sold 17 Porsche models, including a 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder and 1959 Porsche 718 RSK, in 2016. Seinfeld currently owns the first Porsche 911 ever produced, a Porsche 959, and a 1961 Porsche 911 T/R.

Yo Gotti

Rap star Yo Gotti prides himself on being different from other artists. That pride just so happens to extend to his cars as well. When other artists were getting their cars painted black, he painted his white. The rapper has been seen cruising in a rare 1957 Porsche Speedsteer as well as a Porsche 911 and Porsche Panamera.

Mike Wolfe

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe has seen his fair share of antique cars in his travels, but only one found a place in his heart. He still drives the classic Porsche 356 Coupe when he isn’t filming. Hopefully, one day he’ll stop by to see us here at Coast to Coast Imports!

Adam Carolla

Comedian Adam Carolla has quite a collection of cars, including one racing enthusiasts might know fairly well. Carolla bought Paul Newman’s Le Mans Porsche 935 racecar at an auction to the tune of $4.4 million.

To get your very own Porsche and feel like a celebrity, contact Coast to Coast Imports.

When to Trade in Your Luxury Vehicle

When you choose to drive a luxury vehicle from Coast to Coast Imports, it’s because you want the highest quality transportation out there.

With that in mind, you might also be wondering when to trade in your luxury vehicle for the best return and the latest releases.

Here are three signs that it’s time to trade your luxury vehicle for your next luxury car.

Your Needs Have Changed

2017 Porsche Boxter S Exclusive

The only person who really knows your needs is you, so take an honest look at your vehicle and any recent changes in your lifestyle.

Do you have too much space in it? Too little? Not enough technology to keep you entertained? It’s natural for needs to change as life is filled with changes, so when it’s time for something different, it’s time to trade in your vehicle.

Your Mileage Is Increasing

Obviously, your car’s mileage will always be increasing, but there are certain points along the way that are better for trade-in than others. Lots of buyers feel hesitant to choose a used car with over 100,000 miles (even though today’s vehicle last much longer than that). For best trade-in results, you should say “goodbye” to your vehicle before then, or even before the mileage point when the warranty runs out.

Your Car Works Fine

If might seem counterintuitive to get rid of your vehicle when it’s still working. However, a car that’s in good condition will get a much better trade-in value, so sell before you have to explain its high repair costs.

If you want to trade in your current vehicle, contact us at Coast to Coast Imports and we can help make it happen.

Holiday Events to Celebrate Christmas in Indianapolis

Christmas ornaments and presents

If you’re looking for some creative and fun ways to celebrate Christmas in Indianapolis, here are a few ideas for local events, as suggested by us here at Coast to Coast Imports.


Go See A Christmas Carol

The Indiana Repertory Theater is the largest fully-professional theater in Indiana, so attending one of its showings of A Christmas Carol during the holiday season is sure to amaze with its nostalgic, classical story and cast of talented actors.

Enjoy the Sounds of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra has become a timeless and iconic artist of the holiday season, and one can enjoy a live performance in downtown Indy on December 20th, when TSO comes to Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Indulge in Historic Christmas Markets at Christkindl Village

Presented by the local St. John Evangelist Church the weekend of the 15th through 17th, Christkindl Village is an open-air marketplace accompanied by a festival, including highlights like a Beer and Wine Garden, nativity scene, live music, and local artisans.

View Lights at the Indianapolis Zoo

Attending Christmas at the Zoo is a time-honored tradition around Indianapolis. Bundle up in your coat and scarf, round up your loved ones, and head to the Indianapolis Zoo to view the festive lights and see the animals.

These activities and events make Christmas in Indianapolis a time of joy and wonder for everyone!

History of Coast to Coast Imports

Coast to Coast ImportsCoast to Coast Imports was founded in 1999 by two brothers, Omar and Yousef Barham. Seeing that there were few local offerings of pre-owned luxury vehicles, the brothers dreamt of opening a place that offered pre-owned luxury vehicles from around the world at a great value. Putting their minds and hard work to the task, they made their dream a reality.

Coast to Coast Imports currently has three locations in Indiana and has sold over 27,000 cars since launching in 1999. In fact, Coast to Coast is the largest luxury import dealer in the Midwest. We carry a wide range of luxury automobiles, including Jaguar and Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and BMW. The inventory is expertly selected to have the best possible offerings, and the locations are staffed with knowledgeable individuals dedicated to providing the best possible customer service.

Coast to Coast locations offer a showroom of luxury cars as well as a service center that offers repairs and parts. Also equipped with insurance and financing services, the Coast to Coast locations are designed to meet your every need. Customers from across the states—and across the world—have come to Coast to Coast to browse the unparalleled luxury vehicle offerings and appreciate their value.

Take part in the admirable history of Coast to Coast Imports by visiting and becoming one of our esteemed customers.