How to Know If You Got a Fair Trade-In Value

How to Know If You Got a Fair Trade-In Value | Indianapolis, IN

You have realized that it is time to get a new car. But, before you can do that, you have to get rid of your old one. While you can try to sell it yourself, often the simplest solution is to trade it in to the dealership. But, how do you know if you are getting a fair trade-in value?

Online Resources

Before you take your car to the dealership, you should go online to get a good estimate of your car’s value. The two best resources to use are Edmunds True Market Value and Kelley Blue Book Value (KBB). Fill out all the requested information on these online calculators. Make sure to pay close attention to your car’s actual condition and avoid overestimating its value.

Edmunds and KBB will give you back price ranges based on the information you supplied. Keep in mind these are only rough estimates. It is a good idea to print off these estimates and bring them with you to the dealership.

Local Prices

To fine-tune your estimate, browse what similar used models are listed for on local dealership websites, then subtract about $2,000-$2,500 for dealer markup and reconditioning expenses. Besides trading in your vehicle, you can also just sell your car to a dealership outright, without buying one from them. This might be a wise option for you are still searching for your next vehicle but can’t find it at a given dealership.

For more tips on trading in your vehicle, or for more information on selling it directly to the dealership, contact Coast to Coast Imports. We’ll be happy to help guide you through this process.