When and How to Change Engine Oil

When and How to Change Engine Oil | Indianapolis, IN

It’s one of the most common and routine maintenance tasks you can perform on your vehicle: getting an oil change. Regular oil changes keep the engine performing well and help make it last in the long run. Here are some general tips on when and how to change your oil.

  • When should your engine oil be changed? Different vehicles having different oil change recommendations, from how often you should have it changed to what kind of oil you should use, so you should follow the recommendations listed in your car’s owner’s manual. The general recommendation used to be every 3,000-5,000 miles, but new innovations in engines and oil formulas may make it so your vehicle can go 7,500-10,000 miles between oil changes. If you drive infrequently, drive frequently in dusty conditions, or have other atypical driving habits, you may want to consult with your mechanic and customize your vehicle’s oil change schedule accordingly.
  • How do you change your engine oil? It’s possible to change the engine oil yourself rather than taking it into the shop, and many of us take it upon ourselves to do so. In brief, you should:
    • Gather all necessary supplies (replacement engine oil, oil filter, wrenches, etc.) and prepare your vehicle by putting it on ramps for better access.
    • Find the oil filter and drain plug, loosen the drain plug, drain the old oil into a drain pan, and tighten up the drain plug afterward.
    • Change the oil filter and add the new engine oil.
    • Check the oil level and make adjustments as necessary.


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